Lib Dem Pensions Minister Visits Shropshire

 Pensions minister STEVE WEBB  visited Shropshire to ‘Rally the troops’ for the Local Elections campaign.

 At a buffet lunch in Aston on Clun Village Hall, he stressed that Council elections are even more important since the Government is devolving more and more powers to them.

 ‘Liberal Democrats in Shropshire built an enviable reputation when they ran local councils,’ said Peter Phillips.’ They led the way in re-cycling, in affordable housing, leisure services, social care…despite all the Tory attacks around council tax, The firm basis laid by the Lib Dems stood up until the last couple of years when the Tories are slashing away services while stacking £35million away in reserves.’

 The Spare Room Subsidy was a strong concern Mr Webb pointed out that a number of exemptions had already been made.

‘Steve was very much in listening mode,’ said Lib Dem leader, Cllr Nigel Hartin.’ He said that more changes could be made as the changes were rolled out. But the difficulties of places like Shropshire have been recognised already. The government has given them cash-‘Discretionary housing grant’.to deal with local difficulties. Other councils have matched this, SHROPSHIRE Council has the money to sort this out but they refuse.’

 What brought the Minister to S Shropshire?

‘It is the fantastic record of success—and the Promise of More To Come,’ he smiled.’ The Lib Dems have a great record of by-elections here: And in Bishops Castle area they have topped the country for recruiting new subscribers. I came to applaud that and to lend impetus to their further success on May 2nd! Shropshire needs to get rid of these callous Tory councillors!).

 In addition to Aston on Clun, Mr Webb also met supporters and residents at Ludlow, Much Wenlock and Church Stretton.


From left: Cllr Charlotte Barnes, Cllr Heather Kidd, Steve Webb MP, Cllr Nigel Hartin



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