Dr Vince Cable Visits Shrewsbury 2013

Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable visited Shrewsbury this week, taking time out of his schedule to meet local Lib Dem Councillors.

During his visit Dr Cable met with Shrewsbury trader John Hall, a member of retail group Shop in the Loop.They discussed the plans to transform Shrewsbury into a Business Improvement District and the lack of footfall in the town centre.

Dr Cable said, “The one area local business are generally very concerned about is business rates and I am painfully aware of that. There is an escalator which is built which has been rising less rapidly than inflation overall, but I accept it is a burden.What the Government has done is to provide rate relief for small traders, but I think in the long term we need overhaul the whole system of business rates.”

Dr Cable said he would continue to help small businesses get access to cash from the banks.He said: “The major thing we are doing is trying to make sure traders can get access to credit from the banking system.”

He also visited the Wakeman School where he met campaigners who fought to keep the school open.

Lib Dem councillor for Shrewsbury town centre, Andrew Bannerman said: “It is really good of him to take time from his busy schedule to support us here.”

Pictured below: Cllr Andrew Bannerman, Peter Phillips, Dr Vince Cable, Cllr Heather Kidd, Cllr Hannah Fraser, Cllr Christine Tinker 


Dr Cable told local Liberal Democrats that the Lib Dem policy of lifting tax thresholds to £10,000 was being achieved-and more quickly than forecast.

‘ In the West Midlands, two million people will pay £600 less tax this year. In Shropshire, some 15,000 residents, the lowest paid, will be taken out of tax altogether. This Liberal Democrat policy is the fastest and most efficient way of helping our lowest  paid citizens.It is just one of the progressive, Lib Dem actions we have put through the Coalition Government.’

‘Shropshire is a low wage area,’said Cllr Hannah Fraser.’Our income tax policy will be especially helpful to many thousands of Shrewsbury residents in these difficult times, and it would not have happened if the Lib Dems weren’t in Government.’

Pictured Below: Colin Case, Cllr Hannah Fraser, Vanessa Voysey, Cllr Heather Kidd, Cllr Charlotte Barnes, Cllr Andrew Bannerman, Cllr Beverley Baker, Christine Tinker, Dr Vince Cable



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