Letters on Syria (BC & Clun Liberal Democrats)

Dear Friend,

Can I test branch opinion? If it is strongly one way, I will pass it on (and up!).

I oppose military intervention….Iraq and Afghanistan are the dreadful comparators (not Libya). It would of course, like Iraq, be an  ” illegal” war. More importantly – what might be the consequences? Unknowable – but certainly more deaths and refugees. And a de facto move into the Syrian civil war…..on one side – whose 1000 + ‘rebel’ components are arguably as unpleasant as Assad… 50,000 Kurds fled them 2 weeks ago, into Iraq.

Let the US and Russia return to the conference mooted in May – let the Arab League be supported in efforts at least in a cease fire.

While Iraq had a very nasty regime, the invasion exponentially raised the number – 4 million rather than 2 million refugees, for example.

And, of course, it stinks of double standards. There are plenty of other nasty regimes – indeed, civil wars – where humanitarian imperatives are just as strong. And, of course, there are nasty regimes who are too strong for ‘us’ to threaten; or where our trade is too important.

What do you think?


Peter (Branch Chair)

Respond by 1800 h Friday if poss


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for those who replied in such a short time  ..None of the replies supported Action in the way proposed by HMG(there were some nuances.)

 I have passed this on to Constituency Chairs & C Tinker,since one would hope for a Public statement of some sort.

 Only 9 LD MP’s voted against HMG;a sad decline from our position on Iraq.

 many thanks,




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