Local Lib Dems Oppose Syria Strike

A ‘random’ survey of Liberal Democrats in Shropshire has shown no support for a missile strike against Syria. There was strong support for the stance of Midlands MP(Solihull) Loreley Burt, who refused to support the government.

‘I emailed members of my local Branch,’ said Bishops Castle LD Chair, Peter Phillips, ’and there was no support for the Government’s stance. While members recognised the complexity of the issue,their opposition was very much influenced by humanitarian considerations…and, of course,the Party wholly opposed the Iraq adventure.’

Mr Phillips circulated Lorely Burt’s statement(in the Solihull Observer) and there was no feedback comment favouring military action.

Feedback typically expressed concern such as ‘letting the genie out of the bottle can have long term consequences’……’War always throws up unexpected consequences and inevitably even in restricted military assignments there will be critical collateral damage’…

‘’Priority should be to stop the many countries supplying arms to all sides in the conflict,send humanitarian aid and get diplomatic processes going..’’

‘It was just a random survey,’smiled Mr Phillips, but the opinion was clear. On this occasion, while acknowledging that the Party leadership was in a tough position, one notes that only 30 of our 57 MPs went through the government lobbies.


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