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Peter takes a break after forty years….!…..

A veteran Lib Dem leader is ‘taking a break’ after 40 years. Peter Phillips, outgoing Chair of the B Castle & Clun branch,established the branch in 1973 – the year he first stood for election as County Councillor. Subsequently—getting elected, usually, with a 2-to 1 majority—he went on to became a senior Councillor in the Shirehall, the first LD to be Vice-Chair (as he was in the S Shropshire District Council) and Leader of the Shropshire LibDems for ten years.

 ‘It really is time at least to take a break,’he smiled,’one is certainly not so energetic ay 66  as at  26!! And the branch is in very good heart. We now have 94 members,plus a host of supporters. Above all,we have won the respect and loyalty of our residents. This has been built on the hard work of our councillors and of our helpers.’

[since retiring as councillor, Mr Phillips has concentrated on building up LD membership in the Branch area…the Branch is now much the largest in the County;and Mr Phillips was presented with an award by Nick Clegg for being the Number One recruiter in the UK.]

……..AND  CHARLOTTE   TAKES  THE  CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at their AGM, BC & Clun LD’s elected Cllr Charlotte Barnes their new Chair, with Cllr Heather Kidd as Minutes Secretary.

‘The strength of our support in the area is reflected in the calibre of my successors’,said Mr Phillips. Charlotte has his the ground  running as Councillor for  BC ; she has worked her socks off and won both affection and respect in her first 2 years. She has proved a fantastic councillor…and I am delighted-and somewhat awestruck-that she has the energy also to take on the Chair!’



 1 Charlotte Barnes was adopted as LD candidate to succeed Peter Phillips in 2011. She held her seat this year with a 62% vote.

 2 Peter Phillips was presented with an award by Nick Clegg for recruiting more new subscribers[139] last year then any other member.




Postman or MP? Ambulance response letter

Dear Sir/Madam


I do feel it is time that M.P. Philip Dunne actually DID something rather than just being a postman (just as Chris Gill was). My most recent, but not singular, experience actually concerns the life and death issue of ambulance response….Last December, Shropdoc called out a 999 ambulance to me. It took AN HOUR to arrive. It wasn’t a West Mids, but from Newtown – so grateful thanks to Cllrs Kidd and Hartin for pressing the cross-border agreement.

If it had been a heart attack, I should probably have died.

In response to my “complaint”, WMAS sent 2 pages of what had happened (I think I knew, more or less!) – and concluded that they were taking steps to improve matters.

This summer I wrote to our M.P. to see if he would use his authority to ensure steps WERE being taken. I specifically asked him NOT – as is his usual practice – simply to forward the WMAS letter I had had but to do something! After 2 months I nudged his PA to try and effect a response…When it arrived – you’ve guessed it! Postman Phil simply attached a copy of the letter I’d had in April!

Meanwhile, WMAS was in the local Press last month confessing it hadn’t enough vehicles to meet the need.

So death-by-waiting is increasingly likely. Hope Mr Dunne’s not one of them!


Peter Phillips

RESPONSE: The S Shropshire Journal will be happy to print your letter about ambulance response but not in this form as it is too partisan. Can I have your permission to do a re-write or will you ?

MY RESPONSE: This is a bit difficult: the issue IS a partisan one, as the MP is falling down on the job! I see yr note is 2 days old..sorry, I do not necessarily do IT every perhaps the thing has been sorted. I should be very unhappy at removing ‘partisan’ as that is part of it. Unsure how to criticise an MOP in a non partisan way! peter