Postman or MP? Ambulance response letter

Dear Sir/Madam


I do feel it is time that M.P. Philip Dunne actually DID something rather than just being a postman (just as Chris Gill was). My most recent, but not singular, experience actually concerns the life and death issue of ambulance response….Last December, Shropdoc called out a 999 ambulance to me. It took AN HOUR to arrive. It wasn’t a West Mids, but from Newtown – so grateful thanks to Cllrs Kidd and Hartin for pressing the cross-border agreement.

If it had been a heart attack, I should probably have died.

In response to my “complaint”, WMAS sent 2 pages of what had happened (I think I knew, more or less!) – and concluded that they were taking steps to improve matters.

This summer I wrote to our M.P. to see if he would use his authority to ensure steps WERE being taken. I specifically asked him NOT – as is his usual practice – simply to forward the WMAS letter I had had but to do something! After 2 months I nudged his PA to try and effect a response…When it arrived – you’ve guessed it! Postman Phil simply attached a copy of the letter I’d had in April!

Meanwhile, WMAS was in the local Press last month confessing it hadn’t enough vehicles to meet the need.

So death-by-waiting is increasingly likely. Hope Mr Dunne’s not one of them!


Peter Phillips

RESPONSE: The S Shropshire Journal will be happy to print your letter about ambulance response but not in this form as it is too partisan. Can I have your permission to do a re-write or will you ?

MY RESPONSE: This is a bit difficult: the issue IS a partisan one, as the MP is falling down on the job! I see yr note is 2 days old..sorry, I do not necessarily do IT every perhaps the thing has been sorted. I should be very unhappy at removing ‘partisan’ as that is part of it. Unsure how to criticise an MOP in a non partisan way! peter


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