Lib Dems Reach 100: Christmas Joy in SW Shropshire


A local Lib Dem branch is celebrating the Season by recruiting its 100th member.

Alexandra Uttley, from Stiperstones, has become the 100th member of Bishop’s Castle Lib Dems—yet until recently she was a firm Conservative!

‘I have been convinced above all by the hard work of the Lib Dems locally, ’she said,’ and especially of our local councillor, Heather Kidd. I am going to put my support behind her and her party. One has to respect a party which inspires so much local commitment to residents.’

‘Two years ago we had about 20 members, ’smiled recruitment officer Peter Phillips, ’so since retiring I have gone on a recruitment drive! And the terrific response from local supporters has been most rewarding.’

Chirbury and Worthen Councillor, Heather Kidd, said: ‘It’s wonderful to have Alex on board. We need the energy of younger people. Alex has always been interested in politics. I hope she will inspire others to step forward.’


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