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dear friends….

Dear friends,

A brief note to say that I am (at last!) relinquishing all political activity. It is, if you include school, 50 years!

The great thing about the LDs is that, walking into a room of them, you suddenly find that you are NOT a lone eccentric in your views, and that overwhelmingly, LDs are actually NICE people. Although often quite irritating!

I have become too irritable! But the Party is in government; Ludlow is in great shape; and my own part of Shropshire has progressed from fallow ground to pretty well safe seats.

My most recent task was parliamentary liaison for Ludlow and I have to say that this has proved the most disappointing and unproductive: after 2 months’ leave, no replies have been received from a host of LD parliamentarians (or their SPADs) and frankly this is not good enough. Ministers are particularly poor. (D Laws has not yet come back on a Formal Complaint lodged 3 months ago by 3 of us.)

Anyway, that is the sort of stuff I need to spare you all!

I do wish you well. We are the only rational and compassionate Party in the frame….and many, many thanks.

Best wishes,



Dear Peter

You have given amazing service to the Liberal Democrat party over countless years. So, your sometimes challenging presence will be greatly missed, especially in the Ludlow Constituency, where you have played such a major role in building up the party membership and support.

We will do our best to build on your legacy. Please carry with you our profound thanks for all you have done.

I know I speak for the whole Constituency Executive in wishing you well for the future.  

Highest Regards

Bob, Ludlow Constituency Chairman




I will miss you and all your perceptive if sometimes acerbic notes to recalcitrants within the party hierarchy locally, regionally and nationally. You should also know that you are not a lone eccentric. The party would be nowhere without the individual tenacity that you modestly shrug off as eccentricity. I have worked alongside you – at varying distances – for more than forty years and I know you have never wavered in giving your active support to a party that, sadly, has not always deserved it. You will be sorely missed. With whom will I now share my all-too-often despairing moments? I hope you find contentment in your new party-free condition.

Very best wishes

As aye